I’m Zahid. I live in Riga, Latvia, where I design the future.

Crafting visually stunning designs and coding them to perfection. Frontend developer by day, design & SEO enthusiast by night.

My name is Zahid (meaning “Altruistic” in English). I’m a frontend software engineer & UI/UX developer in Riga, Latvia -- with roots in digital marketing & SEO. I'm passionate about development, design, and music. My work currently consists of a full time developer role at Mintos.

My development roots are in WordPress & Shopify, of which I'm self-taught. In 2018, I started working at startups to broaden my knowledge of the React.js ecosystem. Since then, I fell in love with & have been primarily using React & Context API in web applications. I'm also a big fan of Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Next.js & Gatsby.js.

My current focus is to keep practicing UI/UX and exploring the human side of it. In the future, I long to travel and meet professionals from every corner of the world to understand the context of design in different cultures.

If you’re in Riga, let’s go for a walk. Reach me at @zhtkrky on social.